JNC logotype

is an independent consultant company, since 1978 mainly designing meat plants.

We are specialized process designers with many years of experience within the international food industry.

Together with our associated consultant companies within civil-, electrical-, water supply and sanitation engineering we can offer the total design of plants.

Phantom Racing

2000 - 2020  JNC manufactured together with Info-design the Phantom sports racing car. Late 2020 the project was handed over to the new company Phantom Racing Cars Ltd.

Consultant services

  • Feasibility study
  • Process analysis with process flow scheme
  • Sketch project
  • Cost calculation
  • Process projecting
  • Complete design drawings for civil works and installations
  • Issuing tender documents
  • Tender evaluation
  • Purchase negotiations
  • Purchase of civil works, equipment and installations
  • Coordination and administration of deliveries
  • Supervision at site
  • Starting up and training of personnel
  • Inspections


  • Slaughterhouses (cattle, pigs, sheep and poultry)
  • By-products plants
  • Meat factories
  • Chill- and cold stores
  • Fishplants


JNC has been involved in projects in the following countries:

Algeria, Argentina, Australia, Chile, Egypt, England, Estonia, Hungary, Iran, Ireland, Latvia, Luxembourg, Poland, Switzerland, Sweden, USSR